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June 08, 2004

From Broken To Partly Fixed

It still hurts.

I called Dr. Chiropractor this morning and told him of my pain. He asked me to come in ASAP. It turns out--it is his fault! He did some funky new maneuvers on my neck on Monday morning and the muscles in my shoulder reacted by spazzing out at a later hour. Of course, his way of putting it was, “I’m sorry, we must have done something more aggressive than your muscles were ready for.” No shit, Sherlock.

To help relive the pain and work out the knot now residing in the muscles connecting my neck and left shoulder he attached electronic pads that sent an electrical current into me. Instead of the owwwwww pain I had been experiencing, it became more owwwwOWowwwwOWowwwwOW. Not much of an improvement at the time, but better afterwards. I also was told that the heating pad I had applied the earlier evening was WRONG, and that I should have applied ice. My own logic that warmth would relax the tight muscles and cold would make it crampier is wrong. So much for the Vulcan thought process.

The best part of the visit (and by “best” I mean MOST AWFULLY PAINFUL) was after the pads had been removed and the doctor applied industrial strength ICY HOT® to my shoulder. He then proceeded to “strip” the muscles and attempted to work out the spasm. Tears were shed (by me). Guilt trips were laid (also by me).

The pain is somewhat lessened now. I can move my arm above shoulder level again. I picked up my own jar of ICY HOT® at the pharmacy for Frinklin to apply tonight.

That damn Dowager’s Hump better be gone soon.

Posted by Ensie at June 8, 2004 06:50 PM


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