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May 28, 2004


People, I have noticed, have varying levels of Weird Shit (aka the Weird Shit Factor, or WSF).

The WSF can be high or low in each individual. I had a roommate once who had an extremely high WSF. Upon moving in, he asked if I would mind if he walked around naked when at home. We worked together and he seemed relatively normal and I didn’t want him to think I was a prude, so I told him I was OK with it. I was a hard-core lesbian at the time, and he was gay, so it certainly wasn’t a sexual thing.

I mostly expected he would be naked in his room, but he was naked ALL THE TIME, ALL OVER THE APARTMENT, and even OUTSIDE OF THE APARTMENT. He would cook naked. He would garden naked on our (admittedly rather secluded) balcony. He would touch furniture with his naked ass. It got to the point where I just referred to his near constant nakedness as “THE NAKED.”

“I went home from work yesterday, walked up the stairs and there was THE NAKED, right there, in front of me.”

“We were getting ready to go clubbing and THE NAKED kept running into my room asking me what to wear.”

“Please let me come over--THE NAKED is everywhere right now. I don’t know where to look. I’ve gotta get out of here.”

Other than THE NAKED, he was a really sweet guy. But high WSF, for sure.

Posted by Ensie at May 28, 2004 08:47 PM


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