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April 13, 2004


Don’t you hate when things get…awkward? I’m not great in social situations as it is, let alone when I’m being inappropriately hit upon. Or not. Please read the below story and let me know if “Shirley” is, in fact, hitting on me.

I had a business meeting today that I completely forgot about while getting dressed for work this morning. Since I was planning on spending my day among various boxes and paperwork I was wearing the usual uniform--jeans and T-shirt. I was not prepared when Shirley called to remind me of the meeting, and asked if I was OK with taking some photographs as well? I think I managed to keep the panic from my voice as I assessed my old jeans and dust covered shirt.

I was smooth in my reply, “Oh, yeeeaaah, I completely forgot about the meeting and am rather dressed down today.” Shirley responded by explaining that she was wearing a black suit and would I like her to bring something for me to wear? Weird moment number one. (A little background info here: I’ve known Shirley for about a month. We’ve met twice in various meetings and I’ve had one (weird) phone call with her. She’s at least 15 - 20 years older than I, and I have not initiated any contact with her outside of structured business meetings)

I responded by telling her I would be able to find clothes on my own, “…but, uh, thanks for the offer…”

Since I live at least an hour drive from my workplace, I decided a quick trip to the mall was in order. Sales associates avoided me as I manically searched through racks of professional-looking clothes. Once I decided on my new outfit, I paid and asked if I could change in the dressing room. Bless the folks at Lane Bryant, they didn’t even look at me funny as I gnawed the tags off my new blouse and slacks.

Professional clothing never being as comfortable as jeans and a T-shirt, I arrived at my meeting on time, but sweating from the phone booth style change. I certainly didn’t feel very attractive, but at least I was presentable. Now comes the weird part; I entered the meeting location and spotted Shirley carrying flowers. Hello? I approached her and held out my hand for her to shake. She grasped my hand and pulled me in for a hug/kiss on the cheek. Weird moment number two. It didn’t help that I wasn’t prepared for this, so it didn’t come off very smoothly.

Then she gave me the flowers. Weird moment number three. I thanked her and was at a complete loss as to what else I should say at that moment. I suggested we get our photo shoot over with. She responded with, “You look really beautiful. Really nice.” I tried to play it off by explaining my panicked shopping trip, but she kept repeating, “…really pretty…” My weird-o-meter was pretty much shooting off the scale.

We finally got our pictures taken (“can you two get a little closer? Great…”) and finished the rest of the business deal without incident.

I fled the moment it was clear. “Niceseeingyouagainhopetoseeyouagainsoonbye”

The best part is that she left me a voice mail shortly thereafter letting me know she would stop by next week to say hi and “touch base.”

I can’t wait.

Posted by Ensie at April 13, 2004 06:41 PM


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