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August 06, 2004

Hey--maybe the next movie could be about a kid who discovers he's a wizard!

I saw The Village today. I must confess, I knew one of the twists already. Can't say it would have changed the viewing experience if I hadn't known about it.

I won't give away the first secret, but I'd like to discuss the ending further (spoilers!):

So...it's not really the 1800s. It's really the present day. Big shocker. I saw that one coming from the second scene in the film where the camera focuses shakily on the recently deceased's gravestone. That's fine. Mr. Shyamalan can do whatever he wants. Except plagiarize children's books. That sucks. I've already seen the same story idea elsewhere. It's not identical by any means, but the main ideas (girl from the 1800s must travel to the city to get medicine to save those she loves) are there.

Was the pressure too much M. Night? Couldn't come up with another original idea? I understand. It's a lot of pressure. I can't even come up with something to blog about each day. I'm just disappointed. I finally worked up the courage to see a scary movie (the first since Blair Witch) and this is really the best you could come up with?

And, enough with the color red already. We get it. It's bad. Bad in The Sixth Sense. Bad in The Village Maybe next time you could make it blue or something to mix it up?

Posted by Ensie at August 6, 2004 08:56 PM


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