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October 01, 2004

The second interview

So, the second interview came and went.

It actually went pretty well.

I'm not a huge fan of interviews, and especially of phone interviews, but I believe that the words coming out of my mouth made resonable sense most of the time. Occasionally I would have a moment while speaking when my brain had already completed telling my mouth what sounds to make and I thought to myself:

I am brilliant. This is the perfect answer to this question. It is thoughtful, insightful, and exactly the right answer to this question. I am connecting with these two interviewers on a deep and spiritual level.

Other times my brain stopped working completely and my mouth made no sounds for just long enough for the interviewers to know that my brain had completely stopped working. Instead of coming up with a thoughtful and insightful answer for the question being asked, my brain would go into panic mode:

What am I doing? What is the answer. Think! Think! Do they want specifics? General? Who? What? Think of two simple adjectives your supervisor would use to describe you!

It's the easy ones that would stump me. There was the inexplicable ending of one good answer with , "...and..." then silently freaking out, knowing that I had nothing to add and finally tacking on, "...I'm not sure where I'm going with that 'and,' so I'll leave it at that." The gentlemen on the other end of the phone laughed in a good way, not in a "what an idiot!" way, thank God.

We'll see what happens from here. They did tell me on the phone that I should look into the other Specialist positions at the Home Office, and that there was "buzz" and "interest" around my name. I interpret that to mean that I'm not getting this particular job, but that there might be another one out there with my name on it.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Posted by Ensie at October 1, 2004 04:27 PM


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