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November 24, 2004

Crazy vs. Crazy

I'm thinking this might need to be a new feature in the blog. Each week (or whenever I feel like it) I can locate some crazy people, then let you all decide who is crazier. This week we have a couple of contenders:

A California teacher has been banned from using the Declaration of Independence in the classroom. Apparently, the facts that God and references to Christianity exist within the Declaration make it unsuitable for use in a 5th grade classroom. That's right--the Declaration of Independence.

I don't think we should have forced school prayer or teach Creationism from the Christian perspective in the classroom. But I'm really not OK with eliminating any and all references to religion, Christian or other. The first Amendment to the US Constitution states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." Get it right people--it's freedom OF religion, not FROM religion. Our Founding Fathers acknowledged the existence of God, specifically the Christian God, and included Him in their historical documents. To erase religion from our past would require us to rewrite history and deny what made us. You can't change history because you don't agree with it.

The idea that people should be protected from anything that makes them remotely uncomfortable is ridiculous. I cannot understand this kind of logic. These same people are the ones that are often quick to point out that our diversity is what makes us great. You can’t have it both ways.

The second person taking part in Crazy vs. Crazy is the really paranoid Mom from Texas who believes a school tradition could make kids gay. During Homecoming week the boys wear dresses and girls wear suits and they "reverse roles" for a day, known as "TWIRP" Day. "TWIRP" stands for "The Woman Is Requested To Pay," kind of a Sadie Hawkins Dance for the entire day. The Liberty Legal Institute stated, "It is outrageous that a school in a small town in East Texas would encourage their 4-year-olds to be cross-dressers."

Seriously? Cross-dressers?

Apparently, this parent in Texas has nothing better to do with her time than push sexualized ideas and messages on kids, instead of allowing them to have fun with a harmless tradition. This same mother does not have a problem with children dressing up for "Camo" Day, in which children will all wear camouflage. Apparently wearing camouflage doesn't predispose them to future bad fashion choices.

Posted by Ensie at November 24, 2004 06:26 PM


I think the mother who had the school cancel the 'cross-dressing' dance is the most ridiculous. It's even more ridiculous that they LISTENED to her.

Posted by: Dawn (webmiztris) at November 25, 2004 12:07 PM

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