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June 11, 2005

And now there are two

We found a house today! And then, we found another house!

Both houses are in the most expensive, most yuppified neighborhoods in Tacoma. How that happened is a bit of a mystery. Yesterday we were looking at cute but not so nice houses in South Tacoma, today we decided to visit Proctor and see two houses out of our price range. The next thing you know, the mortgage broker does some magic and *POOF* we're putting down an offer on one house and my parents are putting down an offer on another as a backup.

We actually had decided to put down an offer on house two first, but then saw house one and liked that one more.

House one is 105 years old, 1300+ sq. feet, two blocks from downtown Proctor, 11/2 stories, three bedrooms, one bath (couldn't get two), and looks to be in great shape. There are laminate floors (ew) and carpet inside. It is Craftsman style--what I have always wanted. The neighbors waved at us while we looked and children frolicked in the street. The house has been on the market for over 20 days and just dropped in price, so we're putting in a slightly lower offer and praying. We have a little wiggle room if necessary. The only reason it didn't sell immediately is the half-story upstairs. It has three rooms on that floor that are very small with 5 - 6 foot ceilings depending on where you are standing.

House two is 54 years old, 900 sq. feet, two bedrooms, updated wiring and very, very cute. The street is quiet and only 10 - 12 blocks from the first house. It is tiny, but very functional. It runs on an OIL furnace--something I had never heard of. It has fantastic hardwood floors. It has a detached garage. This house also just listed yesterday and an open house is scheduled for tomorrow. Let the feeding frenzy ensue. We'll be property managers if my parents purchase it. On the down side--it's very small, needs updated wiring, and will likely need to be re-piped within the next couple of years. Also, the odd oil furnace will need to be removed so that the everything can be converted to gas.

Both houses have somewhat updated kitchens, fireplaces, and nice backyards. The larger house has two moderately sized bedrooms on the main floor and an extra space for the washer and dryer. Each house also has a deck in the rear.

I will post pictures when we return. Please send prayers our directions when it comes to our offer being accepted and the inspection going well. We should know soon...

Posted by Ensie at June 11, 2005 08:07 PM


Most important is the lay of the land, since that's hardest to change. I think the layout is second and anything else can be altered. I bet if you took up that laminate, there'd be a nice wood floor underneath.

Good luck!

Posted by: eden at June 12, 2005 08:09 AM

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