March 30, 2004

More Than You Want To Know

I went to the doctor today. Not the "open your mouth and stick out your tongue" doctor, but the "lie back, open your legs, and try to relax doctor". This particular doctor is new, so there was that getting-to-know-you chitchat that gave it that first date feeling. Except I don't usually let first dates see my girly inside parts.

My new husband, Frinklin , doesn’t want to know anything about these appointments, and likes to pretend they aren’t happening. Not since the vivid, detailed description I gave him last time. I won’t go into the specifics, and he’ll be happy to forget the conversation ever occurred.

On the plus side, I always give myself a full day off to recover from the trauma of THE APPOINTMENT. I just can’t go into work after a religious experience like that.

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March 29, 2004

It Wasn't On Purpose, I Swear!

I forgot to wear my wedding ring for the first time today.

I got married last weekend. Well, technically, two weekends ago. We picked the first day of spring, as it sounded romantic somehow. The romance aspect counterbalances the fact that we eloped at City Hall (not even the main one here in San Diego, an offshoot City Hall!) in jeans and T-shirts. I have to be honest, I haven’t been part of any previous weddings, but you really can’t beat jeans for comfort in grown-up, emotionally overwhelming, highly surreal situations. I can say I’ve gone to several weddings where I wasn’t the bride, and had to dress in appropriate wedding attire (which I probably bought for the occasion and haven’t worn since), and I was supremely uncomfortable the entire time. Jeans are really a good way to go in stressful situations.

Since the wedding, which technically wasn’t a wedding—it was a civil ceremony—I’ve been very conscious of the ring on my finger. It’s very pretty. We picked them out together. They each have three sapphires embedded in sterling silver (him) and titanium (me). Well, I left the ring sitting next to the bathroom sink this morning. My symbol of love, hope, and commitment was left where the cat could have batted it off the around and onto the floor like he does with plastic milk bottle tops. I’ve never had a lot of nice jewelry, and maybe that’s why.

I may need to tape the sucker to my finger.

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March 28, 2004

The Freakish Perfection of Ben Affleck

I saw the strangest thing today returning from the movie theater (Jersey Girl was OK-Ben Affleck being unnaturally buffed of shined)--anyway, back to the trip home...being in California, I haven't seen hair blowin' in the wind from anyone on a motorcycle in many years (helmet law and whatnot). Today, I pulled up next to two motorcyclists with ponytails, one blond, one black. As I stared, I realized that they were wigs attached to helmets. The purpose of this I couldn't really still would need to wear a helmet, and the effect itself was really freaky. I really wished I had been able to look closer or ask questions, but by the time I had pondered all this I was several miles away.

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Computer Dreams

Slowly, so slowly it's coming along. This template made me laugh, so I'm using it.

I had the weirdest dreams last night. Don't you hate when you can't remember what your weird dream was, but you know it was really freakin weird?? Weird enough to leave you wondering in those few minutes of conciousness "What the hell was that?!?" Yeah, that kinda weird.

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March 27, 2004

I've Been Working On the Railroad

Work work work. I swear that's all I do...sigh. What a sad life. Well, that and trying to figure out HTML and get iTunes to work properly with the CD drive in my computer.

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March 26, 2004

Numbah One!

Check it out. It's me! Well, it's the beginning of me. More later.

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