August 17, 2006

Goodbye for a While

It's fairly obvious that I just don't have the ability or time to keep the blog going right now. I wish I did. But I don't. There's the new dog. Which is not the dog in the previous entry, but Pharaoh, which you can read Frinklin's blog to find out about. And the new, new kitten, Barney, who is orange therefore, crazy (and currently jumping up and down on the keyboard).

And the expanding job. And the potential future small actual people that may be running around our house before too much longer. I was finally able to set an appointment at the UW Genetic Counseling Office for December, so I'll know more about my chances of being able to actually have a baby at that time. Please say a prayer for us in the meantime.

I'll try to update at least once or twice a month, which is what I've been managing until now, but I'm done with the daily or even weekly entries. I really have tried, but life has taken over writing about life.

Site will stay up. Updates will occasionally happen. I'll be reading and commenting. Please stay in touch!

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