August 14, 2009

I Can Breathe Again

Life has taken a turn for the better. I was hoping, hoping, hoping that a magic job would appear out the blue for Frinklin or myself (not for lack of trying on either of our parts) and save us from the forced move back to San Diego. did.

The same day my Dad called me to discuss putting our house up for rent or sale - while I was on the phone with him, no less! - Frinklin got a call from a staffing company telling him he was hired. It was 9 at night and it took a little while to sink in. A couple of phone messages later the pay rate was discussed and the offer immediately accepted.

This 3 - 4 month assignment pays very, very well. So well I could even quit my job if I had an inkling. Which I don't. But I could! And then reality sets in and I remember that this is not a permanent position. Which is fine, because I'm really enjoying my job. It's a lot of time on the phone, which is taking some getting used to. But people are genuinely excited when I call, and they call me back, which they didn't do all that much when I was in sales at Borders. Not that I wasn't a good sales person (in my humble opinion), but cold calls are a sucky way to make sales.

All this didn't do much to change the fact that we've averaged about $8 in the bank for the last couple of months. And waiting for the job to start (and the paychecks to flow) is killing me. I was lucky enough to get my retirement payout this week from the last year of state employment. So it appears we'll survive for the time being...

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