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June 28, 2004

Slapping at the Theater

What is wrong with people? When did it become OK to take 5-year-old children to rated R movies? I fully recognize a parent’s need to leave the house and DO something, but do you need to take your toddler to see Terminator 3? Or your 7-year-old boy to see The Girl Next Door? I mean, boobs, people. Full on, naked boobs reflected in the eyes of your second grader.

I'm not even talking about babies at the movie theater...that's a whole other post. I'm talking about parents with no judgment skills, and no consideration.

I don’t think I’m that much of a prude. I mean, I watched Sex and the City and wasn’t offended. Hey—I watch Real Sex and spend most of my time laughing uncontrollably (did the you SEE the creepy RealDoll? But I cringe at parents that don’t seem to be able to judge appropriate material for the 5-year-old mind. Especially at the movies.

For those parents who can’t seem to leave their kids at home or realize they need to wait for the DVD—I have no qualms about shushing you. Nor do I feel bad about talking shit with my husband/sister/friend LOUDLY as you choose your seat near me. I am fully capable of controlling myself should I be at a kid’s movie (Shrek 2, Harry Potter, etc.). I recognize that I’m on their turf at that time and I need to be tolerant.

However, if I have to sit through one more clearly rated R film, seated in front of, next to, or behind any small child constantly asking, “Why he doing that Mommy?” REALLY loudly…I cannot be responsible for my actions.

Posted by Ensie at June 28, 2004 07:22 PM


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