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August 21, 2004


I've been feeling rather famous lately. In the span of just a few days, I ended up with several new links to Both Hands from Mediocre Fred (who will be moving to Munuvania soon, I believe), All Things Jen(nifer), and Serial Blogonomy. I don't say this because I'm bragging (Ok, a little) but more because I'm insecure and every new link is someone saying, "I like you. Lets be blog friends!"

Maybe they're not saying anything remotely that goofy, but in my head, that's what it sounds like. I don't want to a link whore, but (and other bloggers will support me on this, I'm sure) you really do feel good when someone likes you enough to link to you. Plus, I remember the lean times when Frinklin was the only person who linked to me.

Starting a blog is easy. Staying with a blog for any length of time is difficult. You have to convince yourself that what you have to say is interesting enought that people will seek it out to read it. Sometimes by accident, but hopefully, eventually, someone will look for your site on purpose and possibly (if you're really lucky) on a consistent basis. Thinking about the number of websites and blogs on the internet makes my brain hurt, like thinking about infinity.

So, I've decided to link it up every so often to mostly newer (or just new to me) blogs. You can call it a "new blog showcase" if you like. I prefer to think of it as visiting new neighbors with a pie. Not that I would ever actually do that in my neighborhood.

I searched and searched the Infinite Microbe Universe at Truth Laid Bear's Ecosystem and came up with the following:

The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen--"Shitting Hell! I MUST KNIT CAKES AND BISCUITS! It is surely what I was BORN to do!"

Debbie Does Drivel--"Check your e-mail, then one second later, check it again, because the e-mail could have come in that space between one second before and one second later?"

The Armchair Critic--"I don't know anyone who sincerely enjoys the act of sweating profusely through a t-shirt for an hour and then smelling like dead grass to boot. "

Posted by Ensie at August 21, 2004 11:55 AM


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