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December 13, 2004

I got the boot!

Not from work, on my car. It was a misunderstanding, really.

Bob's Hogs and Weiner Pigs is located in a strip mall in a very busy shopping center in San Diego. All but one mall in San Diego is owned by the evil mall-running corporation, which we will call Westfield, because that is their name.

When Bob's Hogs was built, Westfield did not anticipated that it would be the MOST POPULAR BOB'S HOGS EVER, and that the usual crappy amount of parking within our tiny parking lot would definately NOT be enough, ever. So Westfield, in their infinate stupidity, decided that all employees of Bob's Hogs must park in a different parking lot, an approximate 10 minute walk from the store. We also can park on the street, should there be any room (which there rarely is).

I have no problem with getting a little excercise each morning and evening, even if it comes in the form of dodging cars while crossing the 6 lane road which separates our parking lot from the employee parking lot. However, I do have a bit of an issue with marching back and forth several times each day when I need my car for deliveries, etc. I've argued with the Westfield Parking Gods for a few years about this and have received tickets too numerous to count during this time.

However, last week, I found out that a new Westfield Parking God has been hired. His name is Kevin. Yay Kevin! While Kevin is unable to give me any sort of pass for my vehicle (lest the other Gods of Westfield see such a thing), he does destroy my parking tickets that I get EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Apparently, as it is the holidays, they have hired a lot of new security guards, and today one efficent guard slapped FIVE bright orange signs on my car with tape stating that "YOUR CAR HAS BEEN IMMOBILIZED FOR FAILED TO PARK IN THE DESIGNATED EMPLOYEE PARKING". I was also instructed to bring $50 cash to the security guard on duty or I would never be allowed to move my car again, as a boot had been clamped on my back tire.

Kevin was very nice, and the boot was gone five minutes after I called. However, they did leave all the signs up all day to make sure people knew I was a bad, bad employee.

I look forward to going through this same routine each week as a new round of security guards begins their employment with Westfield.

Posted by Ensie at December 13, 2004 06:45 PM


They sounds like a real pain in the ass routine!!

Posted by: Dawn (webmiztris) at December 14, 2004 09:13 AM

wow...it sounds like you got enough signs on your car to make up for my absence!
thinking of you and bobs hogs craziness all the time...

Posted by: meagan at December 14, 2004 11:42 PM

Meagan! We miss you at Bob's Hogs. I'll especially miss you on Friday. Hope you're having fun in class!

Posted by: ensie at December 15, 2004 06:34 PM

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