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March 14, 2005

Surprise Day Off

I'm home this morning. Matchbox started having trouble eating this weekend, and since he only has 5 teeth, I think they need to be check out. He had distemper as a puppy and when all his baby teeth fell out only a few adult molars grew in their place. He's never had trouble downing his food before, in fact, he usually eats a lot faster than The Jeffery, who definately has a whole set of healthy fangs. The Jeffery, territorial as he is, could take your arm off with those teeth, but lifts food so gingerly from your hand you would think that it was burning him. Matchbox, on the other hand, uses his lack of teeth to suck down your entire arm up to the elbow when you hold out a treat to him.

Matchbox has an appointment at the vet at 3:40pm, at which time I will be chastized for not brushing my dog's teeth, which will likely lead to those sad little molars being pulled.

In other news, I went horseback riding for the first time in several months. I rode my trusty old old Arabian I've had since I was 15, my sister Katie rode her elephant Warmblood, and my 13 year old sister, Nikki, rode her Welsh Pony. In case you weren't aware, we had a giant downpour of rain for two weeks straight not long ago. 15" were I live within 13 days. We thought after a week of sun the trails would be dried out. Not so much. Nikki, scouting ahead on her nimble pony, said the ground was fine. Katie on the Elephant and I on my horse followed after, and became immediately mired in 3 feet of mud, acting much like quicksand. The Elephant, being so large, managed to pull himself free. My horse could not find purchase in the black, sucking stuff and fell on his right side, on top of my right leg. Adreneline was flowing freely at the moment and I felt no pain. We got the horses out of the mud and rode home.

This morning I have limited use of my right shoulder, which apparently took the brunt of my fall. Ow.

Update: My wallet is $200 lighter, and the dog is a vial of blood lighter. He has antibiotics and a date in May to have all five teeth cleaned (estimated $300 - $700). Shouldn't we get a discount for just five teeth?

Update 2: Shoulder still feeling as though it's being ripped from the socket each time I move it.

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