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April 24, 2006

Six Weird Things

I'll start off slow...

1. It is physically impossible for me to leave my hair down all day. It either gets too flat or too hot or forms massive rat's nests so, usually withn a couple of hours of being awake--up in a ponytail or a clip.

2. I must be the driver in any car. Sitting the passenger's seat gives me the willies. Sitting in the back seat gives me hives.

Gathering speed...

3. I have a specific "sleep window" which must be strictly observed. I need to be in bed, reading or watching TV, all medications taken between 9 and 10 PM or I will be awake until the wee hours. If you note the time on this post, you will see that I'm planning for little sleep tonight.

4. Picker. This is cathartic to finally let it out. Please use the link and do not think I am referring to my nose.

Reaching freakdom...

5. Once I find a dish that I like at a restaurant, I will never order anything else. I have been to Macaroni Grill 15 times and have always (and will continue to order in the future) the Chicken Scaloppini. My family has eaten at the same Mexican restaurant every Friday night for over 20 years - I have had exactly two different dishes at this restaurant.

And...we're there!

6. Of all the conversations that have taken place between Frinklin and myself the following happens every day, without exception. Usually more than once. "Jeffrey has gas," then, seconds later, "What a stink! Jeffrey, what died inside of you? Run for your life! My nose hairs are burning!" Yes, dog farting is apparently our most popular topic.

Take the meme if you want it. It really does feel good to get it out.

Posted by Ensie at April 24, 2006 09:20 PM

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