January 23, 2008

Spoiled For Life at SAVI Day Spa

I know! I know!

You're like - JESUS! Two blog posts in two days!? What have we done to deserve this?

But I had to write about the fabulous experience that my toes had last night at SAVI Day Spa.

Cassioposa and I have been on a quest to find a descent manicure shop in Tacoma for some time. We figured we would visit a number of ghetto places around town, eventually stumbling upon someplace unknown yet amazing. You know - the dream that all girls dream - an inexpensive nail shop with a miracle worker inside that can magically transform your shredded nails into strong, healthy, gorgeous nails overnight. All for under $20 a visit.

And we tried. We really did. We hit up several shops. Old ones, new ones. Until a few weeks ago we tried someplace really new and it was as though the place terrified our nails into not growing at all. Both of us have been suffering from short, peeling, split nails ever since. Plus we were seated far away from each other so we had to shout our conversation and then we were up-sold the entire time on eyebrow waxes and massages. Um, no. It was terrible. So we took a break.

And then I decided yesterday that my toes just couldn't take it anymore (email to Cassie, "Toes are claws! Need pedi!") and I needed and pedicure. But not at some ghetto place. I was determined to find something great, and in Tacoma. But try Googling "Tacoma Best Pedicure" online and you'll get a ton of results for Seattle. It's rather depressing. I soldiered on and eventually landed on the SAVI Day Spa at the Hotel Murano downtown. After a quick phone call to make sure they had room for two in the evening, our appointment was booked for 6:30.

We arrived right on time and valet parked (any service over 30 minutes gets free valet parking), admiring the new lobby decor. SAVI is in the corner of the building and we found our way quite easily there. Once in, Kelly welcomed us by name, given some paperwork to fill out for potential future visits, and offered drinks and appetizers. Since we had just come from The Melting Pot's happy hour we declined, sadly. But a glass of wine with your pedicure sounds just about perfect, don't you think?

At that point we each removed our shoes and ascended to the pedicure thrones. I can't imagine being more comfortable as Shelly and M (I'm so sorry I forgot your name!) worked on our feet. It was like heaven! We laughed and talked while our feet were pampered and rubbed, scrubbed and polished. There were no lulls in the conversation as we chatted with each other as well as Shelly and M.

Part way through our pedicure Co-Owner Sharon joined us to start our manicures. She provided us with some excellent advice as to why our nails might be spitting and chipping so badly since the last manicure (formaldehyde in the nail polish?). When she finished working on my nails they looked nothing like the sad things attached to my fingers I had brought in with me. Thanks Sharon!

They nearly had to shove us out the door when we were finished, we had such a lovely time at SAVI. I would have happily stayed forever.

We went with the lowest priced option for mani/pedi. The pedicure was $45 and the manicure was $30. Plus a big tip for the excellent overall experience. Definitely worth it. There are a number of other options that I'm sure I'll be checking out in the near future.

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January 22, 2008

Sucking at Updating (In More Ways Than One)


Hi there!

Did you miss me?

I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks. But, I've been busy, you see. There's been work, of course, which has been really picking up. And my house got a mini-makeover. And I got a mini-makeover.

I wish I could show you the before and after pictures of all this. But I can't, because I didn't take any before pictures. Because I suck at the whole "makeover" thing. Sorry about that. Suffice to say, it wasn't pretty. However, I DO have AFTER pictures of the gloriousness that is now.

New bookshelves in the dining room:
New Bookshelves.jpg

New Bedding:
New Bedding.jpg

New Bedding Detail.jpg

New Curtains:
New Curtains.jpg

Before the mini-makeover, there was a broke-down old shelf with far less space in the dining room that had unfortunately absorbed some of Sadie's pee (we've come to an agreement with Sadie at this time that seems to work for both of us and is saving our furniture). Out with the stanky shelf, in with the new! White, basic curtain panels in the bedroom were replaced with the ones (thanks Ikea!) which have leaves that match our wall colors as well as the new duvet cover.

And then there is my own makeover. Jenyum at Tacomamama was kind enough to notify me of a 50% off haircuts event that Embellish was having a little over a week ago. I'd been chatting with various people about Embellish and "meaning to call them" for about six months now, so I finally wo-manned up and made the appointment for a little over a week ago. It had been over two years before any sort of hair professional had touched my head.

This launched the crazy "hairstyle search of 2008" campaign. I immediately bought every hair magazine on the racks and began frantically looking for some haircut that would look good on my head. I knew I wanted something longer than my shoulders, but not much longer, as my hair dreadlocks itself as the day goes on. It should be able to be worn in curls or straight, and look good with my squarish/roundish face. Commence panic.

Pretty quickly I settled on what I thought was a good look - Kerri Russell has gorgeous brown hair. She also has very curly hair that looks great when straightened. I could rock this 'do, I thought:

Kerri Russell.jpg

And now, I am.

Thanks to Albon at Embellish for spending FIVE HOURS over two days on my hair to make it look gorgeous like Ms. Russell's. I can't recommend him enough. He was a lot of fun to have work on my hair and did a great job.

And I feel fabulous with my new hair. I've got an actual hair STYLE instead of a big mess on top of my head. It's inspired me to wear lipstick for the first time in forever. Who knows where this could lead?

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January 11, 2008

Video Games Do Translate to Real Life!

Setting: Ensie-Frinklin Bathroom

Time: 5:42 AM

Ensie is awoken to the sound of much cursing and strange sucking noises. Going to investigate she finds Frinklin standing over an uncooperative toilet.

F: The damn toilet will not unplug.

E: What did you do?

F: Nothing! It was like this when I came in!

At this point our heroine takes the plunger from our hero and vigorously begins to plunge the toilet. After a few moments a successful toilet flush is heard.

Frinklin stares in awe.

E: See? And you thought all that time playing Raving Rabbids was in vain!

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January 07, 2008


Surprisingly not a Literature Nerd first.

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Found at erin-go-blog

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January 06, 2008

The Likability Issue

In a Presidential Debate, who asks a candidate the question, "How do you handle the fact that people like Barack Obama more than you?"

What an idiotic question!

And it's something that would never have ever been asked of a male candidate. It's hitting below the belt on a female candidate and it's absolutely ridiculous. It relates directly to the idea that men who show commanding traits are assertive and women who do so are bitches.

I believe Hillary Clinton's immediate inherent response was to look at Scott Spradling from WMUR like the idiot he is and say, "Likability? Did you ask Mr. Huckabee if he's concerned if he's more likable than Mr. McCain you asshat?" Instead, she was forced to choose from one of many more "acceptable" female responses:

Flirty - Giggle and tilt the head. Look down while smiling. Say, "Nuh uh!" (See: Any episode of Sex and the City when Carrie is asked on a date)

Playing Dumb - As lip begins to tremble allow the words, "What? He is?" to slip out before eyes well up in tears and collapsing onto the podium in tears.

Sexy - Bite finger, smolder eyes, ask huskily, "Are you sure about that?" while suddenly finding you must touch desk chair with every. part. of. body. Oooooh.

What Hillary chose in her two seconds she had to think was a coquettish, girlish response of, "Well, that hurts my feelings." I cringed for her in that moment. I think most powerful, strong women did the same Unfortunately, calling out Mr. Spradling would likely have ended her run at the Presidency.

Going forward, can we made sure that Hillary gets the same sort of questions that the boys get? I'm not even a Hillary supporter, but even asking the question was bad form.

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January 03, 2008

Project Runway Girls Night

Last night's "Girl's Night In" expanded from two to four with the addition of jcbetty from Girlfriend in Tacoma and Jen from Tacomama to watch Project Runway at my place. Also added was a large bottle of wine courtesy of Jen and several different munchies. Cassioposa even brought her delicious home made caramels!

We had a great time, talking blogs and Tacoma, somehow meandering to stories of mooning people (you can see the natural progression there, right?). After listening to some hilarious parenting stories I've decided to delay having children for several more years. I like to sleep.

Thanks for coming over guys! I'll see you next week - same time, same place!

Want to join us? Send me an email at ensie1@gmail.com


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January 02, 2008

Electoral College Dropouts

The other half of the Ensie-Frinklin household has started a new political blog with an old high school friend, markxiano. You can check out their thoughts at Electoral College Dropouts. Currently mark is making me ill with his predictions that Edwards and Huckabee will take Iowa and Frinklin is analyzing the sad state of many of the available candidates and making me laugh along the way.

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