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August 19, 2005

It feels like forever

I haven't really written anything in almost a month! I've been swamped with unpacking and starting a new job, but I promise I'm back and you'll all see more regular updates.

The new house is great, but it's a bit of a pain in the ass. Frinklin and I got pretty spoiled living in the brand new rental house we had in San Diego. All of the windows had blinds and screeens, the bathroom had lots of storage and brand new pipes, and the yard was taken care of by hired hands.

Now we're learning how to be real homeowners. We weed and mow. We measure for screens and find out that we measured all wrong when they arrive. Frinklin learns how to build a fence. I learn to use a drill and hang curtains. And of course, we get a visit from the local public utilities to tell us that we have a hold placed on our electric meter because the seller of the house didn't get a permit when he replaced the electric box before we moved in. Gee--thanks guy.

I missed a piece of certified mail that came from Tacoma Power today. I'm sure it's to detail the fees that we'll now be subject to in addition to needing to have an eletrical contractor come out and inspect everything. Oh--and we still have to apply for a permit. Until that all happens, the hold stays on. Originally TP told me that they would contact the seller of the house, as he was the one who performed the work. Some supervisor overrode that decision, so I'll be making a call to Mr. Harris this weekend to see if he will cover the cost of his mistake.

I'm guessing no.

If he does refuse, then we'll have to get the work done, then file a suit in small claims court or place a lein against his current property. Sigh. As I said--a pain in the ass.

On the upside, it rained on Wednesday and nothing leaked.

Posted by Ensie at August 19, 2005 06:39 PM

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