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September 01, 2005

Mortgage Payment Stupidity

I called the bank that is handling our mortgage today. Our first payment is due today, on the 1st of September. As of yesterday's mail, we had not received any payment coupons, statement, or letter of explaination.

The "customer service" representative (seriously, they should just be honest and title them "Fuckwads") sighed when I explained my sistuation. I was extremely patient, considering that I waited on hold for over ten minutes. I told her that my understanding was that the payment was due today, and did my paperwork/coupon/statement possibly get lost in the mail? I'm trying not to piss these people off--they own my house.

"No. It was sent on the 26th of August."

I asked if that was normal and would my statements always arrive after the due date?

" No. This is a new mortgage. To set up in our system takes 45 days.".

"So my payment won't be considered late if it is received late due to your late billing?"

" "No."

"You're sure?"


I said thanks and politely hung up the phone. When I arrived home today the statements were waiting for me and I have since written the check to go out tomorrow. Is it too much to ask that the bank sets up some sort of communication with their customers to explain their idiotic system? I'm new at this. Help me out a little.

Posted by Ensie at September 1, 2005 06:53 PM

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