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April 12, 2006


My review is tomorrow. It will be a melding of three different people's opinions of me--my General Manager in San Diego (7 months), my General Manager in Tacoma (2 months), and the Boss of My Department (3 months).

I'm confident that GM in San Diego will say good things about me. She has always given me excellent "exceeds standards" reviews.

GM in Tacoma...that could be a little sticky. I've never been good at being micro-managed, which he often does. He and I don't agree on a lot of things, and I spend a lot of time arguing on behalf of the person who took over for me in Tacoma. Silly things like needing actual time to do one's job and allowing him to leave the store to attend business meetings. What was I thinking? That's crazy talk! I've seriously considered moving my base of operations to another store because he can be so obnoxious.

The Boss of My Department can run hot and cold. I have no idea if she tends to grade hard or on a curve. Will she take into account the fact that I often have no idea where customers may be geographically? That I basically started from scratch coming here as no records had been kept for 10 years prior to my arrival? That my job is loosely defined and getting support can be extremely difficult? That they started my job in the middle of the holiday season?

Usually I spend a lot of time fretting over reviews. I imagine horrible things and remember stupid mistakes I've made. I magnify every fault 500 times. I lie awake and night wondering what my "focus areas" will be, and where I dropped the ball.

Somehow, I've managed to forget all about my review until I noticed it on my calendar today. Could it be that I've been too busy actually working to notice that I have an evaluation in the near future? Apparently so. Or the anti-anxiety drugs have really kicked in.

Posted by Ensie at April 12, 2006 06:01 PM

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