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August 23, 2005

All the furniture went to a good home

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of a loveseat that I needed to get rid of. The picture had a link to it from a Craigslist posting I placed. The loveseat was free as was the matching couch--both hand-me-downs from the In-Laws for us to use while waiting for our real furniture to show up.

I received many, many inquiries about the couch and loveseat. I answered 10 of the 45 emails that showed up within a few hours. I was very clear; anyone who wanted the items needed to come after Frinklin was home from work (7pm) and it needed to happen NOW. I had four couches in my living room and we couldn't unpack anything else until these two were gone. No one could abide by my conditions. For two weeks I played this game with various people, and then Elizabeth called.

We were in the process of loading the loveseat into the truck on it's way to Goodwill. Elizabeth promised she would come as soon as her boyfriend got home from work. At 7:30, she and Jason showed up (a few minutes late due to my crap directions). They stuffed the couch into their jeep and we carted the loveseat over to their apartment for them where we found...no other furniture at all.

It turns out that Elizabeth and Jason are living together in their first apartment and had a desk, a computer, a TV and some end tables. That's it. Wait--I forgot the air mattress that they reinflated every morning half asleep at 4 am. I took pity on them and offered the queen sized box spring and mattress, as well as the baker's rack we had no use for. They took it all, and we took them out to dinner to celebrate finally being rid of our extra stuff.

It felt very good to give up a lot of items in excellent shape that we had no use for. I've since pared down my sheets and comforters and have a few extras to pass onto them. I'm sure I've got more crap lying around that I never use. I remember very well what it was like to have so little furniture that you felt ashamed to invite people over. Even old hand-me-down stuff can be such a blessing at that point. Not that what we have now is all that fantastic, but it's starting to be things that we have chosen, as opposed to things that we had to take.

Posted by Ensie at August 23, 2005 05:37 PM

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On top of all that, they also have a great story about how they furnished their first place and the nice people who helped them out :)

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